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comes from decades of success in the New Old Hollywood, work on The Gladiator (2000), The Incredible Hulk (2008), White House Down (2013), Geostorm (2017), and Finding Steve McQueen (2019) have lead to accolades, awards, and perhaps most importantly, connections. He recognized that, now two decades in to a new millennium, the Hollywood structure built around the conquests of long dead dealmakers from the 50s was already lagging behind the brave new world of instant streaming, and cracking under the pressure. The pandemic fo 2020 finally broke it. Now forging a new team to generate the content needed to feed the streaming insatiable appetites of 320,000,000 streaming subscribers by 2025, Petruccelli has assembled a crack team of experts personally hand picked to win the battles they are soon to face in the upcoming streaming wars


was selected by Kirk to bring his 25 years of experience as a brand planner gun for hire, working with companies such as Coca-Cola, MSNBC, Showtime, Ford, Samsonite and more. His expertise in P+A makes him one of the most formidable agents in the field, and his unrivaled awareness in consumer experiences, utilizing all touchpoints including content development, Social Media, licensing and product placement, provides Lucas with a near omnipotent level of operational awareness on any active front. Anthony would either be a threat or an asset in this new frontier, and Kirk would rather be fighting alongside his friend than against him.


proves no team is complete without the man in the power suit, though his tend to be made by Givenchy rather than Tony Stark. A 20 year veteran of the cutthroat world of Capital Markets and capital formation¬† at AIG, JP Morgan, Barclays Capital and Arq Advisors, Lesko financial witchcraft and fiscal wizardry are vital to Kirk’s efforts in navigating the future of this strange new world.


has a decade of experience creating promos, commercials, animated shorts, trailers, opening title sequences, and music videos. In his marketing & branding background, he has served as the creative director for various fashion brands.


is an award winning screenwriter, producer, and bestselling novelist who enjoys every aspect of film making. As a novelist, Tracy has published eight full-length novels with both Simon & Schuster and Dorchester publishing companies, and has been represented by the Donald Maass and Jane Rotrosen literary agencies.

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