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CIN·RGY utilizes data analytics, market research and the collective experiences of its principles to guide the creation of differentiated creative content.

Each picture is constructed for a specific target audience, calibrated by verifiable data.

We leverage our extensive network across social branding platforms, and other licensing & media-related elements to drive viewership and financial results.

We democratize the production of content maximizing efficiency of scale and leveraging technology and data analytics to guide our processes and produce financial results.

We merge traditional and emerging media with research, vision, trends, and social values to provide creative strategic solutions.

We develop a comprehensive strategy via our planning process; integrating both external data and proprietary information to create genuine insight & action, and inject that directly into the filmmaking process.

We take pride in aligning our incentive structures with all of our constituents, whether it be talent, production, or investors.

Our films are carefully crafted to keep costs low, and our capital structures are optimized to produce strong financial results.


UNPRECEDENTED DEMAND FOR CONTENT Streamers led by Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Microsoft have driven competition and created extraordinary levels of quality-content demand. There are now over 200 streaming channels, with 6 new majors launching in the next 12 months. The sudden onset of the Coronavirus outbreak has exacerbated the already clear shift to streaming. With a now captive audience, sometimes literally, because of lockdowns, these streaming platforms have an insatiable appetite for new content to keep their customers subscribed each month. CIN·RGY can cover development costs of episodic content and films cultivated specifically for streaming networks to fully finance, creating unprecedented flexibility in the creation of both content and diversified revenue streams. The hunger for additional content has grown so voracious, that CIN·RGY is poised to not only create films for these platforms, but further monetize IP through the development of episodic series based on our properties.

THE END OF THE END OF THE WORLD While CIN·RGY is already capitalizing on the new opportunities provided to us by the paradigm shift brought on by the pandemic, existing theatrical systems are on life support. Recent forecasts do not expect vaccine distribution to be complete until the end of 2021 at the earliest, and it is unlikely that the old men of Hollywood, AMC, Cinemark, and others have already threatened bankruptcy if current trends continue. The likelihood that the aforementioned streaming platforms like Amazon move in to takeover theaters like AMC in their weakened state positions those streaming platforms unprecedented vertical integration not seen since the 1940s. Amazon can advertise on Amazon platforms for upcoming Amazon films showing on Amazon screens in Amazon theaters, and their hunger for new content will only grow as a result.

PROFIT GENERATION Current content creators in the independent film marketplace are not fully equipped to take advantage of this opportunity. Quality content that adheres to a disciplined business model has a favorable risk-reward profile. Low budget horror and thriller genres provide the best risk/return metrics when a disciplined approach is applied.


With the creation of streaming platforms such as Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Google Chromecast, and ROKU, content distributors, such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, and Disney, have developed new content-on-demand channels, making it possible watch theater quality content in your own home.



GENRE • Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Suspense, Special Situations.

KEY CHARACTERISTICS • Lower Budget ($1 to $5M) to reduce risk ( up to 1.5x for sequels). • Maximize ancillary revenues through branding and merchandising opportunities. • Approach every project as a potential franchise to maximize revenue.

PRODUCTION TEAM IS ALIGNED WITH INVESTORS • In reversing the “Hollywood Standard” the production team profits from equity upside and profit share while limiting production fees and finance charges off the top of the waterfall.

ESTABLISH INSTITUTIONAL STANDARDS FOR REPORTING • Quarterly updates on project’s progress. • Enact long-term investment orientation and fiduciary standards.

RESPONSIVE FLEXIBILITY • Smaller crews on contained, limited, locations with tight shooting schedules provide flexibility for the control for health & safety in the wake of COVID, and respond to last minute safety adjustments with far better agility than larger Hollywood studios



UNIVERSAL AUDIENCE • Good word-of mouth due to youthful audience demographics and corresponding fan sites. • Millenialls & Zoomers have both expendable time and money and are attractive to advertisers. • Plays well with male, female and foreign audiences eliminating many nuances of culture and language that can alienate viewers.

CONCEPT-DRIVEN RATHER THAN STAR-DRIVEN • Focus on a creative concept rather than big name talent is cost effective. • Use of A List talent only in cameos. • Short production windows ensure plots are current and relevant.

SINGLE LOCATION • The location becomes one of the characters, reducing production costs and time. • The plot empowers the characters with the control and creativity to solve problems in the vein of The Shining, Psycho, The Conjouring, or Hereditary.

STORIES RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES • Horror is a reflection of the cultural fears of any given historical moment. • Allows production to react to current cultural dread ie. pandemics, anarchy, murder cops, and racism.


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